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Get Involved & Volunteer

Lanarkshire Family History Society are always looking for Volunteers!


Volunteering is really fulfilling; become a vital part of our Family History Society and actively contribute to safeguarding the heritage of bygone generations in Lanarkshire!

As a volunteer you will play a pivotal role in our Society.   Regardless whether you live close to our Research Centre or on the other side of the world we have something to suit everyone.   

We have a variety of volunteer positions available including Military Research, Transcription Projects & Graveyard Groups. 

Delving into record sets can take you on a fascinating journey that not only enhances your research skills but also deepens your connection with the history of Lanarkshire & its people.

Embrace the past, connect with the present, and shape the future – become a vital part of our Family History Society today!   Get in touch via the contact box below.

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